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Ref No. Title Summary IP  status
1. Insole/Shoe insert for offloading of plantar neuropathic/diabetic foot ulcers A modular cushion footwear insole for effective off-loading of plantar foot ulcers. The footwear insole off-loads (neuropathic/diabetic) foot ulcers by eliminating contact area under the ulcer site by means of a user-customizable aperture in the insole without limiting mobility of the user Provisional patent application no: 202241000552


2. Integrated maternal neonatal ABD (Apnea Bradycardia-Desaturation) Detector A device for alerting Apnea-Bradycardia-Desaturation episodes of neonatal. More particularly the present invention relates to an Integrated Maternal Neonatal ABD (Apnea-Bradycardia-Desaturation) Detector for detecting and identifying ABD episodes in newborns to prevent sudden deaths. Indian patent application filed (IN201941053883)


3. Rapid & Response Disaster Relief Medical Kit A comprehensive and compact Rapid & Response Disaster Relief Medical Kit which can be used for health relief for the human affected by any disaster (Natural or Man-made). It can also be used for any medical camps anywhere. It is organized with medical equipment’s/instruments according to departments (Medical, Surgical, Ophthalmology, ENT, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, etc.) arranged in various sections inside. It is also embedded with auto inflatable foldable mattresses-cum stretches which will be 4-6 in numbers. The handle of the kit can be used as drip / saline stand for patients requiring any IV infusion on site of disaster or medical camp. Granted Indian Patent No: 386826
4. Steel paladai impregnated in steel feeding bottle A steel infant feeding bottle and a steel paladai (a shallow bowl with a sprout) integration for hygienically and effortlessly feeding liquid food to an infant. utilizes paladai and feeding bottle, both made of steel characterized in mode of attachment. Compared to conventional feeding bottles made of plastic and nipple made of silicon, steel doesn’t promote the growth of microorganisms. The steel paladai can be attached to the steel feeding bottle with a control knob in between to regulate the flow of milk Granted Indian patent no:366079