Sl No. Services
01 IP Consultancy: Advisory and Decision support on Patent filing strategy.
02 Patent filing support for Indian patents- Provisional
03 Patent filing Support for complete specification after provisional
04 Drafting of Patent Application: Guidance and assistance in drafting patent applications.
05 Reporting Office Action – Drafting &facilitation of filing of response to examination report.
06 Fast Track mode -Patent Drafting and facilitation of Filing
07 Prior Art Search: Detailed report on the patents relating to your innovation
08 Detailed Patentability Search: Detailed analysis of the innovation based on the Indian patent criteria.
09 Expedited Priorart Search*
  1. Prior Art search
  2. Patentability Assessment
  3. Technology Landscaping
  4. IP Consultancy
  5. Patent filing support for Indian patent
  6. Patent Drafting
  7. IP policy and process advice.
  8. Startup IP strategy
  9. IP protection opinion and strategy
  10. International filing strategy.
  11. IP valuation opinion
  12. Invention review and opinion